Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help Keep My Job!

Dear fellow bloggers and readers,

I need a bailout! Don't we all?! But I'm not asking for a government handout or not even one from you. Just help along the lines of something you may already be doing or plan to do...


Here's the nugget: My job is on the line. Unless the company I work for does better financially in the next 3 weeks I'm gone. That means more online shoppers need to buy through MyConsumerGuide.com or I'm done.

Do you want to help me keep my job? It's simple, go to MyConsumerGuide.com and buy something. Anything! The commisssion generated through the sales goes to the company I work for...and thus, I still get paid and have a job!

If you are an online shopper, MyConsumerGuide.com is a great place to quickly search what you are looking for. You'll read a quick review (if you choose) of the store or product and be browsing for what you want in seconds!

Look for online specials, coupons, free shipping codes and more by simply clicking here: MyConsumerGuide.com. That's where I would start if I were doing my shopping now.

If you are not an online shopper, why not start now! No lines, great deals, quick access to products you want, save gas, avoid shoppers in bad mooods, and so on! MyConsumerGuide.com leaves you time for other more important things...like being with family and enjoying the holidays.

Help me stay healthy...financially speaking!

Just a couple clicks...and you may have helped save my job! Thanks for your consideration.

Best wishes to all!


P.S. You will not be tracked, hunted down, or bugged. You will not be spammed either. You have my word on it. Just shop at MyConsumerGuide.com!


MyConsumerGuide.com is your personal consumer guide to the best online. Our mission is to find the best sites, the best services and the best companies to help you make educated buying decisions. Although it would be impossible for us to try and test every service and site we recommend, we do this as often as possible. MyConsumerGuide.com is growing rapidly every day. And every day, thousands of consumers like yourself rely on us to help with their purchasing decisions. Check back with us often, as we add new pages and new links to sites daily.

MyConsumerGuide.com has developed partnerships with many sites, providing complete shopping and consumer guide services. Perhaps, you will see us around!

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Anonymous said...

now thats a clever one...you definately deserve 1 million diggs...so here you go...lol...cheerz!!!

Alexander said...

@anonymous...it may be clever...but, it's true...we are talking about a 3 weeks time before it's yay or nay for my job.

Thanks for the digg thoughts!